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N-Tech Endoscopy Sterilization Procedures

All repairs that are performed by N-Tech Endoscopy will meet the following sterilization parameters. Please note that the Non-Autoclavable scopes can not be autoclaved after a repair, since the design of the scope has not changed.

To ensure an optimal image from your recently repaired scope. N-Tech Endoscopy recommends the the following scope repair program, invloving cleaning and handling procedures to be performed.

  • After use, clean the scope with the appropriate cleaning solution.

  • Rinse the solution with distilled water

  • With a cotton swab, wipe the lens using 90% pure alcohol.

  • Hold the scope up to a light looking on an angle to see if any debris or a rainbow can be seen
    on the lens.
    If there is anything then repeat step III.

  • Prepare the scope for sterilization

The N-Tech Endoscopy scope has been designed to be sterilized through steam autoclave. The following instructions should be followed for sterilization:


  • Wrap the scope in a surgical towel and place in a clean tray.

  • Sterilize at 2.2 bar 273 degrees F (134 C) for three to five minutes.

  • Do not handle a hot scope.

  • Allow the scope to cool in the ambient air. Do not force to cool a scope with a damp towel.

  • If using a scope sterilization tray, please insert the scope appropriately into the tray.

N-Tech Endoscopy scopes have been approved for Steris® and Sterrad® sterilization

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