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Benefits of N-Tech Endoscopy

  • Warranty:
    A complete 6 month warranty on all repairs performed. This warranty protects against parts and workmanship.
  • Report:
    All customers are provided with a custom report providing all repair information.
  • Manufacturers' Specification:
    All scopes are brought back to the same FOV and AOV as when they were originally purchased.
  • Upgrade Program:
    N-Tech Endoscopy offers a complete upgrade program for all types and brands of scopes. This will allows you to trade up your older scope to new technology.
  • Loaners:
    N-Tech Endoscopy provides all types of loaners free of charge to your facility.
  • Rapid Turn Around Time:
    24 hours for minor repairs. 1-5 days for rebuild of entire endoscope.
  • Local Service:
    N-Tech Endoscopy has local sales representatives that will pick up and deliver your scopes right to your department.
  • Custom Pricing:
    N-Tech Endoscopy has various pricing structures to meet your specific budgets.

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